The first Nordic Course in specialist training arranged by NFKK. Information and registration

The first Nordic Course in specialist training 2015 arranged by NFKK:

The Professional Role of a Clinical Biochemist / Laboratory Doctor

The course is chaired by:

Nete Hornung, MD, PhD (Denmark)
Mattias Aldrimer, MD (Sweden)

Practical information
The 1st – the 3rd of September 2015.
The Vilvorde Kursuscenter is booked from August 31rst.

Signing up:
Send your name, address, your current occupation and affiliation by mail to Anne Sofie Laulund, assistant secretary in Danish Society for Clinical Biochemistry:

Deadline for registration is June 1st 2015.

Dkr 6000,- including three nights at Vilvorde Kursuscenter, breakfast and lunch (3000 Dkr course fee and 3000 Dkr for accommodation).
Travel-expenses and evening meals are not included.

When you sign up – please indicate if you do not need accommodation for all 3 nights

Vilvorde Kursuscenter
Vilvordevej 70
2920 Charlottenlund

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Contact information:General questions regarding the course:
ete Hornung,

Practical matters:
Anne Sofie Laulund

Regarding the sessions:
Kristin Lilleholt, e-mail:
Holger Jon Møller, e-mail:
Kristina Hotakainen, e-mail:
Mattias Aldrimer, e-mail: