Review a manuscript for SJCLI

Manuscripts submitted to the Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation are subject to peer review. A primary evaluation is performed by the editorial secretary with regard to whether the manuscripts fit with the journal’s aims and scope and whether general requirements in instructions to authors have been followed. Manuscripts deemed eligible for peer review are then transferred to one of our eleven editors in the editorial board depending on the topic of the manuscript. The editor invites reviewers based on their expertise within the field to give their advice on the manuscript’s validity, originality and significance. Normally, two reviews are sufficient for an editorial decision. Based on the responses from the reviewers the editor decides whether the manuscript can be accepted for publication in SJCLI or should be rejected; or whether a decision depends on a minor or major revision of the manuscript.

Det här är ett utplock av en intressant artikel från KBN – Nr. 2 – vol. 35 – 2023.