Lorentz Eldjarn

The Lorentz Eldjarn Prize Competition for Best Publication

1. “The Lorentz Eldjarn Prize Competition for Best Publication”, hereafter referred to as “The Prize” is financed by the Lorentz Eldjarn Fund, established by Professor Lorentz Eldjarn and his wife Torunn in 2009. The Prize is intended to support and promote the international distribution of the journal “The Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation” (hereafter referred to as “SJCLI”). Lorentz Eldjarn was the Managing Editor of SJCLI during 16 years.

2. The Prize is awarded each second year to the first author of the best article published in SJCLI during the five years proceeding the prize year. At least one of the authors has to be engaged in activities related to medical biochemistry at an institution in one of the Nordic countries.

3. The twenty most cited articles during the actual five year period are pre-selected for further evaluation by a Prize Committee. The Prize Committee nominates three of the pre-selected articles to be presented at the forthcoming Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry.

4. The first author of each of the three nominated articles are invited to present their study as a part of the scientific program at the Nordic Congress of Clinical Chemistry, especially focussing on the scientific impact of the study on the development within the actual field of research. The nominees shall also focus on how the actual article has influenced their own later works.

5. The members of the Prize Committee are selected among the Editorial Board of SJCLI by the Managing Editor of SJCLI, with one member from each of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Additionally, the Managing Editor is member and Chairman of the Prize Committee.

6. In addition to nominating the final three articles, the Price Committee is also responsible for the pre-selection process, for arranging the final presentations and for the contact with the nominees.

7. Based on the scientific quality of the study and the clarity of the presentations the Prize Committee shall reach a consensus on the recipient of the first, the second and the third prize.

8. The recipients of the Prize shall be announced by the Chairman of the Prize Committee at the banquet of the Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry.

9. The 1. Prize winner receives DKR100.000, the 2. Prize winner receives DKR 50.000 and the 3. Prize winner receives DKR 30.000. Each of the recipients will also receive a certificate citing their contributions. The Board of The Lorentz Eldjarn Fund may regulate the amount of awarded money depending on the financial situation of the Fund.

10. The Lorentz Eldjarn Fund will pay the travel expenses, accommodation for three nights and the congress fee for the three nominees and the Prize Committee.

11. The Prize Committee shall present a summary report to “The Lorentz Eldjarn Fund” within two months after the awarding